Capacity Building

Refugee Resource Center

Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp, Uganda




We need a new model for humanitarian aid. One that is sustainable and empowers the people directly impacted by crisis to be met with dignity and hope, applying their skills to rebuild lives using modern technology and cross cultural collaboration. In this way, we can break the cycle of disaster and dependency in the world by addressing root causes and creating new paradigm solutions.

Creating opportunity in the midst of crisis: transforming refugee camps into hubs of innovation.

Bidi Bidi, in Uganda, is one of the newest and largest refugee camps in the world.  Over 300,000 people live here, mainly South Sudanese refugees fleeing war and famine, that number could rise to as many as 1 million, with refugees across Uganda reaching 2 million.

Innovating Together

One Light Global is partnering with refugees, local Ugandans, and like minded organizations to collaboratively design an extensive resource center in Bidi Bidi to empower the people living there to create sustainable and innovative solutions to vital issues such as food and water security, housing, health and education.

Integrating Technology

With tool lending libraries, trainings, 3D printing, innovative agriculture, education and more – this center will empower refugees to solve critical challenges in new ways and create lasting solutions that will liberate them from charity and dependence.

Growing Together

Our trauma healing, health and education programs will be led by trained residents and provide viable solutions to nutrition, women’s issues and children’s futures.