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Our team travels to crisis locations in the Middle East,  Europe and USA to provide food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine, and rescue to refugees fleeing danger.

Your donation enables us to buy supplies that can save a life


Families and individuals make the dangerous journey through war-torn regions with little more than the clothes on their backs, a single bag, and their life savings. They pay for passage to safety but when they arrive, many are in need of emergency support – warm blankets, shelter, medical assistance, and clothing. This aid can make the difference between a successful journey or its tragic end.  


Thousands of refugees are now arriving in the US to begin their lives anew. In 2016 alone, the US is set to accept 110,000 refugees from all over the world. With little support, incoming refugees must: pay rent, learn the language, find jobs, enroll in school, and gain knowledge on how to survive and thrive in a new country.  

One Light Global assists incoming families by setting up apartments to welcome new arrivals, providing food, cleaning supplies, houseware, furniture, and toys. We also connect families with communities members that can mentor them as they become active members of our society, and provide workshops to help them heal from the trauma of war, and integrate into their new society.