Helping refugees thrive

One Light Global collaborates with resettled refugees to create lasting infrastructure projects to improve lives long after emergency relief is distributed. Education, social enterprise, trauma healing and integration workshops are the very foundation of long term success.

Women's Center, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

With so many men injured or killed in war, women have become the primary breadwinners in many refugee families.  Unfortunately, these mothers, daughters, and widows don’t know the local language, suffer trauma, isolation, depression, and are barred from practicing former professions in host countries.

Help us provide a healing community space for women that also supports economic development.

We Provide: Language Courses, Computer Skills, Yoga and Meditation, Trauma Healing, Arts and Crafts, Community Building, Entrepreneurship, Self Defense, Integration


At the request of the women and with the generosity of our donors, we recently purchased eight sewing machines for the center. The women are learning how to make textiles, a major local industry.


Community is essential to healing and creating successful new lives. Together, women can share their struggles and triumphs, lessons and love. Sharing tea and rebuilding normalcy are as essential as learning new skills. There is nothing like the power of a group of women with a common goal to achieve seemingly impossible accomplishments.


We also have a small emergency distribution center here for basic feminine and baby supplies for women in need.

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Healing and Integration

In order to create world peace, individuals and cultures must heal from the trauma of war.  It is impossible to create a truly successful new life while carrying profound psycho-emotional distress.  Left unhealed these wounds are passed on, creating intergenerational trauma.  One Light Global hosts and facilitates workshops in the USA and abroad using modern and ancient techniques to help individuals release the pain and suffering they have endured and groups in conflict to find forgiveness, empathy and inspiration to collaborate.

We Provide: Trauma Healing, Yoga and Meditation, Art and Music Therapy, Intercultural Peace and Collaboration Workshops

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Tuition Assistance, Turkey

Over half of refugees are under the age of 18.

Many have never had the opportunity to attend school due to war in their home country. Finally able to start life again, their families are without resources and they are often forced to work in the streets. An entire generation is growing up traumatized and without education. We see the children as our future. By providing education, we not only change their lives, and improve the society of the host countries they are now living in, we also create a better world for all of us by enabling them to grow into knowledgeable and healed adults who can contribute to the world and rebuild their home nations.

About Al Nokhba School

Originally a shelter created by a refugee, Al-Nokhba was transformed into a school when the founder realized that the majority of the children did not have access to education. Hoping that someday this generation will return and rebuild their home country, former Syrian teachers stepped up to the plate and began teaching the children. They now have almost 400 students, 28 teachers, 5 administrators, a doctor, dentist and child therapist on location. All are Syrian refugees working to create a better future for these children, their host country, Syria and the world. The school is secular, has Arabic, English and Turkish lessons, a holistic curriculum, and teaches the values of inclusion and world peace. With only a tiny stipend from the Turkish government, the school relies on donations to continue providing an education and safe haven for refugee children.

Raising Global Awareness with History Lessons:

We also provide classes for refugee students and students around the world to raise awareness of the history of all cultures, for greater perspective and context, and for young refugees to have pride in where they come from.

Host workshops to support individual trauma healing and intercultural Peace & Collaboration

Lives can be begun again! Host country populations and refugees build empathy.

We create a world from the present, not the past, from the basis of Unity.

200+ students officially sponsored and enrolled!

Meet our kids

Support a child to go to school for a year for only $250. We will send you a photo and the story of the child you are supporting!

USA Resettlment

Resettlement Aid

Hundreds of refugee families arrive in Phoenix, AZ annually. These families are dropped off in the USA with very little amenities, no common language, no credit history, employment, having suffered trauma, and required to find work and pay rent within a month. One Light Global is committed to helping these families integrate with a warm welcome, guiding them to resources, providing basic needs, toys for children, and healing and integration workshops.

Help us give a refugee family the things they need in their new life!